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Fanfic: A Bit Closer

Title: A Bit Closer
Type: Drabble
Pairing: Minho/Key
Rate: G
Genre: ... Angsty?
This is practically a dump drabble. It has no clear plot, no point of being written, I can’t even come up with a title that matches the story. The tile was taken from Shin Hyesung's track 조금 더 가까이 (A Bit Closer).


“All you need is to tell me,” Kibum’s whisper is shaky, his face is buried in Minho’s chest, arms hugging his waist.


Kibum tilts up his chin, eyes meet eyes, and as Minho rests his hand against the side of Kibum’s face, he can feel lines of tears rolling down Kibum’s cheek under his fingertips.

“Just tell me you don’t want me to marry her. And I’ll call the wedding off.”

Minho never replies.


It’s 6 A.M. when all hell breaks loose.

“They left!” Jonghyun shrieks, pressing his palms against his head. “Minho and Kibum, they’re gone!”

“What?” Jinki jumps off his bed by instinct and grabs Jonghyun’s body. “What do you mean, they left?”

“T-They’re not in bed, Hyung,” Taemin replies timorously. “I’ve checked the cupboard too. They took their clothes with them.”

Jinki’s body falls to the floor. “Call the police.”

The authorities and families come in turns, and with hours and hours of interrogation undergo, all Taemin can do is watching, burying his hand on his pocket, fingers crumpling a letter in which a line was written in a too-familiar handwriting.

Don’t look for us.


From a building none a bit too far from there, Kibum watches as the police cars come and go, red and blue lights beaming the dark, cold roads.

“It’s almost time for our flight,” said a low but gentle voice.

Kibum turns to face Minho and smiled, a smile that reaches the corners of his eyes. “Let’s go then.”

When they get in to a taxi and its engine starts roaring, Kibum looks over his shoulder to take a glance at their old high-rise apartment building from the rear window.

It is the last time he ever looks back.


They walk to the gate together, and the air turns into smoke as Kibum breathes, and the snow melts on top of their shoes, and he looks at his own hand, big and warm and clasped with Kibum’s.

He has everything he needs with him.
Tags: genre: angst, genre: fluff, length: drabble, pairing: minho/key, purpose: writing, rating: g, type: fanfiction
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