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Fanfic: Of Suspicions and Oh-God-Whys

Title: Of Suspicions and Oh-God-Whys
Type: Drabble
Pairing: Kris/Suho
Rate: R
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Smut


It was something he really couldn’t help, Yifan decided as he strolled through the corridors, searching for a certain white door on his left. He finished his class ten minutes earlier because, one, it was an unusually warm day in spring and two, of the unbearable tight feel inside his pants after twenty minutes of explaining orifices and internal fertilization, which normally didn’t have anything to do with making his breath hitched or causing warmth to creep on his face (it did enough of its justice during college). It was just that the air was rather hot, okay, and the fact that he and Junmyeon hadn’t done any adultery thing for a whole week, no thanks to their hectic schedule that caused them both to collapse right after they smell the sweet scent of their pillows.

So it was something Yifan couldn’t, wouldn’t help. He needed Junmyeon, now, and damn if he was attending a sick student (Lee Taemin, most likely) in his small, peaceful school health room. One glare from Yifan and the student surely would recover and attend whatever class he planned to skip.

He stopped in front of Junmyeon’s office slash health room, didn’t bother to survey his surroundings before turning the doorknob and entered without knocking. A surprised Junmyeon welcomed him, sitting on a desk-chair and still wearing his white robe, “P-Principal...”

No one was there except the school nurse. The principal silently thanked gods for letting him have his way today with Junmyeon.

“Junmyeon.” Yifan’s voice was rather husky and rough, fingers pressed the lock and a soft click emitted from the mechanism.

“Yifan-hyung? Are you not feeling well?” Junmyeon asked as he rose to his feet. The taller did a quick study before he sneaked an arm around the nurse’s waist, and the latter tilted his head and greeted by Yifan’s eyes, dark and hazy with lust.

No, Junmyeon thought, gulped. He was definitely not sick.

“Hyung, don’t, it’s still my work hour,” plead Junmyeon. The latter tried to push him away, his smaller hands poked Yifan’s abdominal part of course to no avail, easily shoved by Yifan’s bigger ones. The taller was now pressing the nurse’s body harder to the table as he grabbed the collar of his shirt to keep him still while he smacked his lips on Junmyeon’s, hands pulling the robe off him. Junmyeon struggled to keep his legs steady when Yifan’s mouth moved from his lips to his cheeks, then his earlobe, then bit his jaw line as their lower parts brushed, earning a low, pleasured growl from the elder.

“Fuck, Junmyeon,” in one fluid move Yifan lifted his lover and carried him to one of the beds available in the room, a gasp left Junmyeon’s mouth as he was dropped rather harshly. Yifan was now on top of him, attacking his neck with kisses and bites as his long fingers unbuttoning his white shirt.


Sehun was the first to finish showering after PE class. He walked down the corridors heading to his class in a turtle’s pace, humming softly to himself. He did take notice, though, that a rather peculiar sound was heard, coming from a room at the end of the hallway. Sehun stopped the hum, walking closer to the room but it had ceased its noise, but he could still hear something that probably was a “Fan-ge, please—” and the sound of a bed creaking and... Sehun shuddered, never before he ran that fast in the corridors, not even when he was late for Lu laoshi’s class.

When he told his best friend Jongin about the incident later that day, the latter just burst into laughter.

“Ah, well,” the tan-skinned boy smirked. “I’ve been having these suspicions...”


Idk what is this /creysbuckets. This is supposed to be a prologue to my EXO Teachers!AU but this has no plot and can't even be counted as PWP ;w; One day I was just daydreaming about how D.O. would fit as a Home-Economics teacher and suddenly there were just lots of ideas coming from convos in Twitter and I just have a lot of feels for Kris/Suho, okay ;w; And this was supposed to be a 1000+ words smut but my muse decided the opposite ;w; Possible side-story by my hubby firipe. Special thanks to mushrooumrajumyrsky for helping with the concept! Here’s some hearts for you to collect ♥♥♥
Tags: genre: fluff, genre: romance, genre: smut, length: drabble, pairing: kris/suho, purpose: writing, rating: r/nc17, type: fanfiction
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